Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zoya Sparkle Summer 2010: Charla

Zoya Charla (2 coats)

Mr. Nose decided he wanted to be my nail helper

So Charla definitely looks like a mermaid. It's beautiful green/blue glitter polish. Even friends looked at it and immediate went "OoOo, it looks a like a mermaid!" Like Reece, the glitter is more glass flecked and easier to apply and remove than other glitters. I used two coats here, and you can see some VNL in the pictures, but it was opaque in real life. The only drawback to the polish? When I removed it, it stained the sides of my fingers. I've heard from others that it also stained their nails, so make sure to adequately apply a basecoat to stop this from happening.

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Jen said...

Mr Nose is too cute!

I have Charla on my toes right now... it seems to have gotten greener after a few days, though perhaps that's just the lighting where I see my toes the most lol XD