Tuesday, September 14, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection: Hey Doll

China Glaze Hey Doll (2 coats)

Remember when I said I wasn't going to buy any more of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection? Oops! When ordering the Orly Cosmic Fx polishes online, I decided to tack on a few polishes to make shipping worthwhile, so I ended up adding a couple more from the Vintage Vixen collection. I haven't swatched the other polish I got from the collection, so this is the only one you'll be seeing for the next week or so (at least). After seeing Hey Doll on other blogs, I wondered why I didn't buy this before. I love pinks and I love shimmers! I know, a blogger that actually likes pinks! *gasp* Hey Doll is a rose/mauve pink metallic shimmer (whew, what a lengthy description, right?). It's finally starting to feel a little bit cooler here in North Carolina, so more muted colors are really calling to me. I really love this one since is is so understated. Also, the application was awesome and only needed 2 coats to cover the nail line. If you haven't checked out the Vintage Vixen polishes, I suggest you do so, especially since the heat is starting to die down.


Sandi said...

I was a bit disappointed when I got this because it wasn't as 'rosy' as I thought it would be, but the more I wear it, the more I like/love it. It's kind of neutral, kind of rose/mauve, kind of bronze-ish...sometimes in artificial light I even get a hint of root beer or a hot toddy. A perfect fall shade.

Hook Prism Power said...

I have this also... Should probably try it but it's hard to get in a "Fall" kind of mood here in FL :-S. Oh and about pinks you're not the only blogger who loves them :). I love me some pinks!!

oxidantshappen said...

I like it! Although it looks like a Claire Campbell color to me =)

cupper82 said...

Ashely, it totally looks like a Claire color! Ha!

Sandi, I know what you're saying. When I first saw the bottle, I wasn't impressed at all. It took me awhile after I applied it to fall in love with it.

Let them have Polish! Oh man, you're never going to have fall in Florida :-( I am so glad someone else loves pinks!