Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Apparel: Mount Royal

American Apparel Mount Royal (2 coats)

There are just too many things to watch on tv tonight! Why do all shows have to be on Thursday?! Seriously, our DVR is going to be working hard tonight. I feel like I haven't had enough polish talk at the beginning of my posts. I have been really stressed working on my dissertation and I have a defense date set in November! Aaahhhh!!! Oh, I do have a little polish news. I was contacted by a new company today that is just starting out and is making polish. I don't know more than that, but they seemed very interested in bloggers and finding out how to work with us which is a change...a good change!

Up today we have Mount Royal from American Apparel. It is a deep blue creme that has a hint of purple in it. I don't really consider it a blurple by any means, but it has a little purple in it. It applied so smoothly and was so pigmented in 2 coats. Again, this one was also very slightly thick, but nothing too troubling. I am loving these polishes so far!


Miss Alanny said...

ooooh, I should have waited and commented on this one, since I like the color so much more! I would consider going down to the scary AA store we have here to get some of this polish. Speaking of tv, though - Thursdays are going to crash my DVR! I'm watching Runway right now, and it's a super episode, so when you're sorting through what to watch, prioritize it! Ivy sucks! I love Mondo!

cupper82 said...

Already watched it-LOVE Mondo! Go get some polish!

oxidantshappen said...

LoOoOoOve this color!