Monday, September 20, 2010

Milani Dress Maker (Chanel Jade Dupe)

Milani Dress Maker (3 coats)

So we lost at trivia again. Blarg. I think I should just stop mentioning our losing and start letting you guys assume it. I'm a big fan of dupes...when they are dupes of really really expensive and hard to find Chanel polishes like Milani Dress Maker is. It is a dupe for the polish Jade which is a mint green polish with green shimmer. Is this a better dupe than Dream Catcher from Claire's or the Charlotte Russe dupe? I have no idea because I don't own Chanel's Jade (nor will I ever likely own it). While I love mint greens, I'm eventually going to get burnt out on them. Until then, lets just enjoy this while we can. Now the application leaves much to be desired because it is really sheer and watery. This is a very thick three coats and it just finally covered the nail line. I found this at a 24 hour CVS but it took me a few to finally find it. What do you guys think? Love it or are you getting sick of mints?

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cupper82 said...

Ah yes, the infamous lobster hands ;-)