Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hard Candy: Fishnet and Benefit Brow Bar Review

Hard Candy Fishnet (3 coats)

Happy Saturday everyone! I've had a pretty lackluster day full of watching tennis, getting my eyebrows waxed and working on some papers for the dissertation. This was my first time getting my eyebrows professionally waxed, and I have to say it went really well! Ok, that makes it sound like I these crazy, unruly eyebrow, but I swear this isn't true! I'm really dedicated to tweezing my brows when needed, but I just wanted to try waxing. The Ulta in my city has the Benefit Brow Bar, and after 15 minutes I had perfectly arched brows and a free dual ended lipgloss! I had no idea about the lipgloss, but it was a nice bonus. My eyebrow expert cleaned the area to be waxed and then lined my brows with an outline to follow. Next, she applied the wax (it was a nice temperature-not too warm, not too cool) and went to work. I normally have a high tolerance for pain, so this really didn't hurt very much at all. She ended it with tweezers to get any stray hairs that weren't picked up with the wax and again cleaned the area. Overall, it went very quickly and fairly painlessly. The price for the service was $20, but apparently this depends on your area. 

Ok, now on to the polish for today which is Hard Candy's Fishnet. It is a really bright orange-toned red jelly polish. You guys know my feelings on jelly polishes and reds, so you'd probably guess that I didn't like this one. Well, I don't hate it and I got several compliments on it. Even though it is a jelly, it is quite an opaque polish that needed three coats. The color (but not the finish) reminds me a little of Zoya America and Jessica Cosmetics Scarlet. Overall, it's not 100% unique, but for $5 and easily found at Wal-Mart, you may want to pick this one up for every day wear. The formula was slightly thin, so make sure to get as much of the excess off before applying to the nail. Other than this, the application was just fine.

*These polishes were provided the the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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