Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orly 'Tis the Season Holiday Collection: Glitz and Glamour

Orly Glitz and Glamour (2 coats)

A cake is in the oven for my husband's birthday tomorrow, my belly is full from a nice pasta dinner and now I'm watching Nadal play on the tele. All is right with the world. If it wasn't for this whole writing a dissertation thing, I would be 100% happy ;-)

I only have one polish from the Orly 'Tis the Season Holiday Collection that was released right around the time that the Cosmic Fx polishes came out because, frankly, none of the other ones were really calling to me. I am, however, ecstatic that I bought Glitz and Glamour. Just  look at the bling on this foil! This is definitely the brightest gold foil I have in my collection. Nothing screams holiday like foils and glitter. I wasn't sure how opaque this one was going to be, but I was so impressed that it only needed 2 coats. It was very pigmented. The application was also flawless. 

I just wanted to mention that I will be having a very special giveaway coming up soon. And yes, it includes Deborah Lippmann. As soon as I get closer to 300 followers this one will become active, so if you aren't a follower, go ahead and join the fun. If you are already a follower, tell a friend! Also, this will be an international giveaway. Until next time, don't forget a good base coat...

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Erika said...

That is so pretty. I need to check that colour out.