Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Milani Tailor Made

Milani Tailor Made (3 coats)

Glee is back on tonight! Who watched it? I just finished it! This is the last polish I have from the Milani Haute Value polish collection. While I was getting Dress Maker I figured, why not get 2? I know, I just can't help myself! You know I love cornflower blue polishes and I love shimmers, so why don't I absolutely love Tailor Made? Well, it is really sheer. This was three generous coats and it still has bald spots. Grrr. The application was similar to Dress Maker and was watery. Also, you really need to be careful of brush strokes with this one. Overall, I love the color and the shimmer finish, but the application and formula have some issues. Again, I found these at CVS and I believe they were $4.99 each (please correct me if I'm wrong).


Janna said...

Oh my GOSH I LOVE GLEE. Whew, I mean, I watched it! I'm addicted.

And nice polish =P

cupper82 said...

I know! I love it and I am so glad tv shows are coming back on!

oxidantshappen said...

too bad the application/formula was less than awesome. This is a great color!