Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elf Cosmetics Spring 2011 Polish Set: Blue Mist

Elf Cosmetics Blue Mist (3 coats)

What a long day! Last night I went to trivia night at the local coffee shop, hence the lack of post. And no, we didn't win (or even place) last night. Oh well, better luck next time! 

I've said such nice things about the Elf Cosmetics polish set so far, but that's going to end tonight. While Blue Mist looks nice in pictures, it was the biggest pain in my ass to apply. I haven't had issues like this in months. It is a mint blue/green creme that was a gloopy, streaky mess. I lost count how many drops of polish thinner I had to add to even be able to apply it evenly. I dunno, the color is nice, but nothing special. With the crappy application and formula, I would definitely hold off on purchasing this one.


Jessi said...

Aw it does look nice in the photo but I've had that problem with ELF polishes in the past. Bummer!

Minty said...

That's a shame. It's a gorgeous polish!