Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Huemorista Nail Lacquer: Hidden Rainbow

Huemorista Nail Lacquer Hidden Rainbow (3 coats)

Have you ever heard of Huemorista Nail Lacquer from Etsy? I'm actually surprised it took so long for someone to start mixing their own polishes to sell, and I must say, I think Jayna is really making polishes people want to see. I ended up buying her Customized Collection of any 3 polishes for $12. The only down size is that the bottles are 5 mL and not full size. Up first is Hidden Rainbow which is a party in a bottle! It is an eggshell white color with lots of multi-colored (and multi-sized) glitter. At first I wasn't sure how well you'd be able to see the glitter in it, but I was happy to see that the glitter was clearly visible. It was a bit sheer, needing a full three coats, so the bottle won't last too long. If you're anything like me with more polish than you know what to do with, this won't be an issue (and it will still last you longer than an OPI mini with ~3.75 mL).

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Minty said...

LOVE this color! The glitter in it is amazing!