Sunday, May 29, 2011

CQ Nail Polish: Rustic Dream

CQ Rustic Dream (3 coats)

This is actually my first time trying out CQ polishes, and I'm really impressed with it! Who doesn't like a good duochrome? I feel that duochromes are really lacking from drugstore brands and I'm happy that CQ went out on a limb with this beautiful polish. Rustic Dream is a reddish bronze polish with flashes of gold. It sort of feels like a fall polish, but I tend to ignore seasonal trends and will wear it whenever. The application was pretty good, but it was fairly sheer. I would definitely try some more CQ polishes! As far as I know, you can only find them at select Walmart and Rite Aid stores which is pretty disappointing. Hopefully they will start to expand their line into more stores, but that remains to be seen.

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Unknown said...

pretty colour!!! this brand is HTF in my state its a wal-mart but the picking are so the post and mani!!have a good holiday