Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Polishes

Have you heard about the new Sally Hansen Crackle polishes yet? They are supposed to be out in June, but apparently some have already found them at their local drugstores, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, I asked and found out they are not limited edition! What do you think, will you try any of these out, or wait for the new OPI ones to be released later next month?

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

WHAT IT IS: The boldest new nail lacquer effect for nails

WHAT IT DOES: Turns any nail color into nail drama. Crackle your color-it is the simplest way to customize nails- just brush on and create a design that is never the same twice.
Start with your favorite nail color, let it dry and apply one coat of Crackle Overcoat. The crackle effect appears as it dries. Every nail will be different, every nail will be dramatic. Seal with a top coat to maximize the shine and seal the color. The eight shades of Crackle make design options limitless.

THE SHADES: Snow Blast, Vintage Violet, Fractured Foil, Fuchsia Shock, Distressed Denim, Antiqued Gold, Cherry Smash and Ink Splatter

AVAILABLE: June 2011, $5.95 Each


The Phalanges Friend said...

I wish that they would stop lying about their pricing, because it is NOT $5.95.
It's like $6.99 - $7.95.

Melissa said...

I bought 3 of these at Walgreens a couple days ago. They are significantly thinner than the OPI and CG crackles so you need to load the brush up with a thicker coat to achieve the same effect

Freshie said...

I just bought the gold since I got my hands on OPI Silver Shatter

Jessi said...

I haven't seen these yet but after trying OPI's Black Shatter and China Glaze's Broken Hearted I think I'm ready to move on to the next new thing!

cupper82 said...

Ouch, $6.99-$7.99? That really sucks! Thanks for letting me know about that, Chaos.

Melissa-what kind of brush do they have on these bottles? Are they the huge tapered ones (that I hate)?

Freshie-I am also interested in the gold! I finally got the silver shatter from OPI last week.

Jessi-I understand. When every company jumps on the bandwagon, it starts to get boring, and fast.

Dani Rage said...

I swatched one on my blog and I'll be swatching another tomorrow. I paid 7.95 though (at Walgreens also as somone else said). They're okay.