Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection: Glamour Purse

Essie Glamour Purse (2 coats)

I was 99% sure I wasn't going to blog tonight, but the urge suddenly came over me. I have a little time before Mythbusters comes back on (huge YAY!) so I thought I'd continue the Essie Fall 2011 collection. I have one issue with this collection and it's that there are 2 neutral brown/beige polishes and they look a lot alike. I mean, come on, give us some variety since you're only coming out with 6 new polishes. Don't get me wrong, the milky light chocolate color here is nice, but two aren't necessary. Glamour Purse is definitely the "cool" color with hints of pink while Case Study is the "warmer" color. Application and formula was great, like most of the collection. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a great brown!