Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sinful Colors: Amethyst

Sinful Colors Amethyst (2 coats)

A very kind reader told me on Facebook that Sinful Colors are on sale for $0.99 this week at Walgreens (thanks, A.J.). I will definitely be stopping by my local store to pick up a few polishes. I actually picked up the one I'm showing today at the last sale they had. Amethyst is a nice medium purple creme that is slightly less blue than my pictures are showing (you know how pictures can be with purple colors). The best part is the application and pigmentation which were both exquisite for drugstore polishes. I like it and would definitely recommend it to you guys. 

My husband and I went shopping yesterday and got to go to Lush for the first time in a long time (I am so lucky my husband likes to shop!). We bought some fresh masks and will be pampering ourselves tonight. How are you pampering yourself before the beginning of another busy work week? 


Anonymous said...

That's a great polish!

beachgal said...

WOW! 99 cents! Great news.

Unknown said...

This is a really pretty color~

Anonymous said...

absolutely love!