Friday, September 16, 2011

One Bath and Body Squeaky Clean Shampoo Bar

One Bath & Body Squeaky Clean

Hi folks,

It’s Mr. Right on the Nail, here.  The Mrs. did a review of the first of our One products the other night and, as I have a “case of the oilies” and she doesn’t, she asked me to write the review of the other product that One sent us to try out.  Squeaky Clean is a shampoo bar like Hair Biscuit (but with a much better name). They’re super convenient because you can use them on hair or body or both and the little metal case that they come with is well designed, if a little difficult to open up in the shower with your fingers. It’s not terribly difficult, but I usually have to wedge a fingernail under the edge and work my finger around to open it.  Probably the best bet is to think ahead and open it before you get in the shower, but I hardly ever do that.

My hair is pretty oily and very fine.  I have to wash it every day because it’s kinda gross after a night of sleep.  As such, I have a preference for fairly harsh shampoos that will whip my hair into shape.  (If anyone cares I could do a little post on some of the other ones that I like.)  Squeaky Clean doesn’t strip my hair down to the extent that it’s literally squeaky, but it does do a good job of making my hair non-oily and manageable.  I went with very little product today, and my hair felt really nice without being too light to manage.

The smell is a little faint, but it’s pleasant and fairly gender-neutral.  I think it smells faintly like oats and some sort of really light flower or clove.  I love that it only takes one swipe across my head to get a good amount of suds. Don’t go overboard on the application of these shampoo bars. You never need nearly as much as you think you will.


DesertNails8 said...

I have that same kind of hair. I like the idea that it's in a bar soap kind of shape because then it can easily go through a TSA checkpoint (at the airport). Where is that brand found?

Claire and Ashley said...

I love that Mr. Right on the Nail did this post :)

Mike Matteson said...

Desert: You can find that brand at Target (and probably other places like that).

Claire and Ashley: You're welcome!

beachgal said...

It's always nice to use this type of hair/body cleaning when traveling. They never take this away from you in airports!!! Check to see if you have tee tree oil in this product. With your oily hair, tee tree oil is what nails a lot of the problem at the scalp - it's not your hair but your scalp that is producing the oil. Stay away from ANY hair product with alcohol in it as that initially dries, but calls on the body to over produce more oil thereafter. Cucumber is another good natural product to look for in shampoos to help control oil as well. Thanks for the review Mr Right Nail!!!