Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Bath and Body Hair Biscuit Solid Shampoo

One Bath & Body Hair Biscuit

Did I mention that I'm going to Cambodia for work at the beginning of November? I'll be doing some sampling most of the time, but I'll also have a little down time to check out the country. The possessions I'm allowed to bring with me will be extremely limited, so I wanted to find ways to downgrade as much as possible. I used to be a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics and used their shampoo bars for awhile, but I never had one in my hometown and their price hikes turned me off a bit. When I had the chance to review a product that will save me some baggage room and be available locally at Target, I was all for it. You may even have seen other One Bath & Body products in their specialty bath aisle that include bath fizzers, soap and lip balm. 

The Hair Biscuit comes with its own aluminum tin that, unlike Lush ones, does contain holes in the bottom so that excess water can escape and the bar can easily be removed. The scent was just ok for me. It has a floral undertone that isn't really good or bad. It's not a big deal because conditioner is what I can smell during the day, not the shampoo. The price is also much better than the Lush ones since these will run you about $6.99 (I think) instead of $9.95-$10.95. 

The one downfall I see is the fact that it has SLS in it. I try my best to use non-SLS shampoos because I feel  like my hair is healthier that way. This isn't a deal breaker for me, but I wish they could make a version without it. My hair is pretty normal (not oily or dry) and this worked fine for me. If you have the oilies, they make a version called Squeaky Clean that would probably work best for you. Overall, I like it and I will definitely be taking this with me on my trip.

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beachgal said...

How great to get the opportunity to live/work in Cambodia for a time. Fabulous. What to hear you post about it even if it's not beauty/nail oriented!! I have heard of this brand solid shampoo. I found another solid shampoo while I was in Europe 3 trips ago there. A solid really helps when you are traveling. Depending on where you are in Cambodia, I think you will find products you need to get there or replenish travel sizes you take with. Also, you will be so close to Thailand, which is a shopping mecca! But it's fun to seek out the local products that are used in areas you are living in usually I think - all but the horrible toilet paper and some of the lack of feminine products.

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