Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maybelline Limited Edition Spring 2011: Blue Brilliance

Maybelline Blue Brilliance (4 coats)

Ah, I'm so glad to have tomorrow off. If you have to work, I feel for you. This is pretty much the first time I've ever had these government holidays off myself. Are you planning on any festivities for tomorrow? There's a 100% chance of rain tomorrow here, so I guess we'll be staying inside. 

Blue Brilliance was a limited edition polish from Maybelline that is likely not available anymore. No worries,  you don't want this polish anyway. I was drawn to it immediately with the duochrome colors of blue, purple, green and pink, but it doesn't translate that well on the nail. Second, it was disgustingly sheer. I've shown 4 coats here and it still isn't opaque. I guess you could add a base color that would help a bit. Oh, and the brush on it was total crap and was really floppy. In the end, it applied too much polish to the nail. As you can see above, even when trying to use thin coats, I still had bubbles (likely from having to use so many coats). Ok, I guess that is enough ranting about this polish. Blue Brilliance, I really wanted to love you, but you disappointed me so much. 


A Polished Touch said...

I purchased the entire collection when they cleared them out for $1.99 each. They are quite sheer but they are fabulous for layering, like you mentioned. I really like wearing them over black.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is really pretty. Nice color. But four coats. That is insane.