Friday, September 30, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection: Lady Like

Essie Lady Like (2 coats)

Oh man, so many holiday collections are out and I can't wait to get them! You can find the Essie Winter 2011, China Glaze Let It Snow and Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collections now. If that's not your style and are into duochromes, check out Misa's Surreal Escape collection. I found these on Transdesign's new site called Unfortunately they aren't selling OPI polishes anymore, so be aware of this before you get all disappointed like I did. 

Ok, Essie's Lady Like is definitely dainty and proper like the name implies. It is a dusty rose creme that is very work friendly. Well, I'm really lucky because I can wear whatever I want at work. My boss is so supportive of my blog and tells people about it whenever he gets the chance. I know, right?! How awesome is that? Please don't mind the tiny bubbles in the last picture because it is just from the topcoat I used (blarg, my Poshe topcoat is running out and needs thinned). 

Ok, why is it raining outside when it's not supposed to? Guess who didn't bring an umbrella today.... :-/

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