Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Brand New Bag: Carry On

Essie Carry On (2 coats)

Since this polish collection is inspired by women's handbags, it got me thinking about the purses I've purchased. I'm one of those people who loves color (surprise, surprise) and I don't naturally gravitate to neutral colors. My current purse is bright pink and it makes me so happy. So, what color is your bag? 

Carry On is the other darker polish from the collection and is a deep berry creme. When I think of fall colors, this is what I think of...dark, vampy colors that tend to look awesome on nubbins. Let me tell you, this polish was extremely opaque and barely needed the 2 coats I gave it. Perhaps it isn't the most unique color, but I still like it. 


Polish Vixen Marisa said...

Love it!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE this polish!

Nail Supply said...

Hello! Your nail art is gorgeous, colorful, I love it!