Monday, September 26, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection: Power Clutch

Essie Power Clutch (2 coats)

Oh, it's another Monday. No matter how much sleep I get on the weekend, I am never prepared for Monday. And every time I say I'm going to sleep early on Monday night, I never do. And so the cycle continues until I'm exhausted when Friday comes. I guess I'll never learn. I spent this past weekend painting a few walls in our apartment. It's so crazy how the whole place looks completely different with such small changes. 

I have several polishes from the Essie Brand New Bag collection to show you. On a whole, it looks like a pretty neutral (a.k.a. boring) collection, but that's just what I need sometimes. Unfortunately the picture of Power Clutch isn't the most color accurate. It's an extremely dark greenish grey creme that is quite unique. The formula and application was quite good, too. You never know what kind of formula you're going to get when it comes to Essie. Sometimes they are sheer and watery, and sometimes they are nice and opaque. Overall, it seems like this collection is leaning on opaque (even though several of the polishes are nude).  

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