Friday, November 23, 2012

OPI Holiday 2012 Skyfall Collection: GoldenEye

OPI GoldenEye (3 coats)

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I, of course, ate too much. Also, guess what. They accepted our offer on the house! We have to get a house inspection and all that still, so it's not a guarantee, but we're still excited. 

GoldenEye is the third of the four I have to show, and it's a dense golden glitter. Golds are not always my favorite, but this one is very rich-looking. The only issue with it is that it is a little sheer. I felt like I really had to pile on 3 full coats to get it opaque. Me gusta mucho! 


Ami said...

Not too crazy over this one but its a nice holiday color.

beachgal said...

CONGRATS! Now it's on to your pockets are going to be drained for the next ? yrs to hits all new home owners! But then no more rent and no more worry about not getting that deposit back! I did not order this shade when I saw the early you have not been much of a gold polish fan - that is until a few foils like Zoya Ziv I think is really pretty with it's mix of gold and silver. But I read a review of this one and was kind of talked into it by a neighbor who thought it looked stunning (right not her $ going out and she knew she could try on mine when I got it!)'s a nice color - different than any other gold shade I have seen. But like you - not a fan of how it applies. It probably will end up going to the teens down the street eventually when I don't wear it.