Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pure Ice Fur or Fang Collection: Silver Lining

Pure Ice Silver Lining (2 coats) over China Glaze Cheers to You (2 coats)

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend went well. We looked at a few more houses today (nothing we have to have) and watched The Amazing Spider-Man. Listen, I enjoy Spider-Man as much as another superhero fan, but I don't get why they keep showing the same movie over and over again. Hasn't the graphic novel been around for 50 years? They can't find another movie to put together besides showing how he became Spider-Man? Other than that complaint, the movie was fine. Andrew Garfield does a good American accent and I do enjoy Emma Stone. What were you up to this weekend? 

Silver Lining ends the Fur or Fang collection and is a silver topcoat glitter with diamond-shaped holographic pieces. Without the diamond pieces, this is just your standard silver glitter, and unfortunately it is a bit difficult to get the diamond pieces out. The formula was quite thick, so you'll probably want to go ahead and thin this out before using it. This was definitely my least favorite of the 4, but it's not bad. I ended up putting it over Cheers to You which is from the 2010 holiday collection because I wanted a polish with quite the bling. It's like the holidays on my nails.

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rebecca said...

I love big glitters. I have found that tipping the bottle upside down while you do your prep and base coat helps the bigger glitters come out easier. But it still usually takes a bit of fishing.

Kimberley said...

Nice polish. And I wondered the same thing about Spiderman - really, another spiderman movie?

Jeanatte said...

This is very interesting polish. I'm going to have to search around for it.