Friday, November 2, 2012

Views from Cambodia

Hi guys! I thought it'd be nice to show a few photos from my trip if you don't mind. I hope you enjoy them, and please let me know if you have any questions!

 Cambodian Countryside

 Nail Salon

 The Royal Palace (the old king died the day we arrived so people were there to show their respect)

 The National Museum

 A popular beef dish called Loc Lac

 Me trying to collect sediments from the Bassac River without falling in



 My labmate Liz titrating in front of villagers 

Buddhist Meditation Center


Kimberley said...

Great photos! The royal palace is really pretty.

Impoverished by Polish said...

Really interesting post! Your pics make me think Cambodia and Mexico are very similar, except for the difference between the Buddhist and Catholic architecture.

Impoverished by Polish said...

Meant to add "rural" to that statement about the similarities. The pictures of the nail salon and cow in particular are what made me think of my visits to Mexico.

beachgal said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing..never been there. Only been to Thailand in that semi-close area. Love the nail salon - bet they have issues with too fast of dry time with some polishes there.