Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sinful Colors in Slate

Sinful Colors: Slate (2 coats)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but yesterday was my 5-year wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! 

I finally watched the Project Runway finale and I am so happy Demitry won! The last few seasons I've been extremely disappointed in the winner, so I was relieved I finally liked one. I was really surprised on how bad Christopher's collection was though. Any thoughts on the finale? 

I still have a backlog of Sinful Colors polishes from their Walgreen sales so I figured I should start posting a few. Up first is Slate which is a beautiful medium grey shimmer. I think this one is a perfect neutral color that would be great for any collection. The application was ok; not great or terrible, but that's ok for a $1.99 polish. 


beachgal said...

Happy anniv to both of you! 5-10-20 and many more! I also was glad Demitry won...I thought he had consistatnly showed good things with great skills in tailoring. He also has something in his personality that seemed to be there which makes me think it would be prize $ well invested - like I think we will hear more from him down the road - like a Christian Ciariano (sp?)did with his win. I would personally love to wear some of the designs he presented - don't have anywhere to where 'em but I still would covet that could fall my direction! Right - a gal can dream. This is a nice shade. I am sad i did not pick up the gray Immortal China Glaze from the Halloween collection this yr - it was pretty but I passed it by 2 times I saw it and then was in a Sally's on the 2nd and they had nothing at that one left of the Halloween stuff in the sale bucket. Might find 1 when I go (again) for treatment that starts this week for me down in the LA area - ugh -it's like 90 here today and the same it says in the part of LA I will be in only hotter due to the concrete radiating heat.

rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! Love this polish color. I have been wanting a nice gray and at $1.99 I can handle imperfect application.