Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pure Ice Discontinued Shade: Watermelon Ice

Pure Ice Watermelon Ice (4 coats)

Ugh, I have the stomach flu with a high fever. I didn't want to let anyone down, so I decided to make a quick post.

Since Pure Ice was bought out by Revlon, they are getting rid of some polishes, and bringing out a whole slew of new ones to make up for it. One polish on the chopping block is Watermelon Ice which is a sheer pink shimmer. Yup, 4 coats was used here, and you can still see some visible nail line. Honestly, I'm not too surprised this one is being discontinued. There is no set date on when these will exactly be taken off the shelf, so it will most likely be in early 2013.

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beachgal said...

Feel better - the flu has been hitting hard and early this yr. I have never tried any of the Pure Ice polishes - so guess that is good that I don't have any favs since so many are being discontinued. Actually I find more and more of the drug store polish lines going this way - the classic shades don't stay classic in stock all that long. Where I live, often the ones that did not sell out of any ltd eds we get end up racked among the classics and it's sort of a mess to ever know what is left over and what is classic. I only saw Pure Ice for the first time in a store this past summer. Nothing grabbed my eyeballs enough to take one home. Often I find many end up being a 1 time worn if they are really low end because they are watery and chip on me. But I do have some that I have found through the yrs I adore. Some of the Sally Hansen polishes are fab - though the ones in the Complete Salon formula line are not any cheaper than OPI is.