Monday, December 31, 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection: Sweets Way and the Cat Show

Nails Inc. Sweets Way (3 coats)

Yup, it's almost 2013! While 2012 wasn't a bad year, I don't think it was that great either. We hope to get our house next month which is exciting. I never really do anything for New Years Eve or day and I'm fine with that. I don't understand why people make a huge deal about changing years. I do have an exciting manicure on today with holographic glitter. Anyway, if you're going out tonight, please have fun and be safe! 

I can't believe these are my first Nails Inc. polishes to review. They are a brand out of London and you can find them at your local Sephora store or online for $9.50 (I used a coupon on these). I've been wanting to try one of the colors from the Sprinkles collection and I decided on Sweets Way which has pink, blue and silver glitter suspended in a milky white base. I was a bit worried about it getting opaque, but I'm happy to report that it fully covers in 3 coats. I've heard other people getting away with just 2 coats, but I was getting some balding on the tips. I love it! It reminds me of sprinkles on frosting. 

Oh, the cat show was so much fun yesterday! There were lots of interesting breeds there, and it was so hard coming home without one :-D Here are a few pictures:

 An Abyssinian 

 An Egyptian Mau

 Poor Cozy has no eyelids and is up for adoption

 A Somali

 Somali again

 Oriental Shorthair

A Main Coon kitten...yup, a kitten


Deb said...

Love the nails. Happy New Year Sweet-Pea!

beachgal said...

I've been looking at this mini collection in photos and not picked any up (mostly because the Sephora by me has zip polishes but for a few Sephora by OPI and sometimes a very few Sephora ones...I try not to order on line unless I know I have something I need and it's $$$ and will get me up there to get the free shipping. I wonder how these Sprinkles would do in a jelly sandwich? I NEED to get to a REAL Sephora that has tons and tons of product - maybe THEN I would find Nails Inc and look at them in person..I still have a huge UN-relenting crush on Baker Street...but wonder if I don't have a couple that are super close already.

Oh I am sure Cozy got a good home being as he/she was shown at that sort of venue. I almost could not bear to go to the local animal shelter last week to drop off cat food I had left from my neighbor's cat who is no more now. I had to have my hard heart on not to come home with a cat.

Ohhhhh and the Main Coon - I have a HUGE love for this breed...mine was named Molly and she was 2lbs! She lived as long as my Siamese did - 22 yrs! I have loved all my cats...but we all have some extra fond ones through the yrs and Molly certainly is in that category for me. When I moved out of the HUGE LA area where I grew up...Molly drove back and forth with me in the car - 5 hrs...5 days - did not matter...only cat I ever had that took to the car...she would sit on my lap, under the seat - stretch out long on the back seat - always was the perfect passenger. When we got to our destination, she just needed to know where her food and water was going to be, check out the place a little and was fine there too. Going to my mom's she got soooo used to it, she was immediately ready to go out and check out the yard and find my mom's cat to say hi! Intelligent breed..and big on the loves...but all those lbs made her a lug as a lap cat..esp when I had 2 of 'em insisting they BOTH were going to do my lap at the same time.

I just know this is going to be a special yr for you guys - cannot wait to hear the stories of what you 'discover' about your home when you move in! There's always some funny the time I moved in and 'discovered' the drapes were hung with safety pins and large, opened paperclips! Oh and the same house - the old owners had not moved the couch to paint behind it - they just reached around and behind it as far as they when they pulled out - there was this family room that had 'new' paint except for this large spot where the couch had been that was still mauve vs the off-white the rest of the place was!

Sandi said...

Maine Coons are the best. We have two mixes (sadly, they seem to be showing up at the pound pretty regularly). They keep growing until they're 5! Eek! We got our first one 6 years ago from a co-worker thinking he was just a cute, fuzzy, gray and white kitten...but he grew, and grew, and grew... and we realized after some research that he was at least half MC. When I read that they don't attain full growth until about 5, I nearly panicked. He has Thumper feet! I had visions of a 30 lb beastie. He topped out though at a long, lanky 16 lbs. People do a double take when they first see him, but he doesn't seem big to us anymore, lol. Until he's standing at eye level with the kitchen counter trying to snatch a bit of whatever I'm chopping to make dinner, lol.

Or other one was a pound rescue. He'd been tossed out to live or die after some sub-human POS removed his front claws. If I ever find that person... He was about two and had obviously been badly abused by a male. He was horribly scrawny and nearly bald from a flea allergy and nervous grooming. Poor guy had nothing but kitty underwear, like teddy-bear fuzz. After nearly 2 years with us, he's fluffy with a gorgeous, long buff and black coat with just a bit of white on his chin, a bit chunky, shorter than his housemate, but 14.5 lbs. His claws grew back (bastids), but he never learned how to use them for defense, so unfortunately he tend to bite when frightened, but that's rare anymore (and never me).

I have to say that they are the funniest, most loving, strangely the most 'dog' like of the many cats that have owned me. I think all our future cats will be Coon mix rescues. We're hooked, and what's a little more hair at this point, lol.

I've been gone for a while, but glad to see that you've found a house and things see to be going well for you. Now to continue catching up!


Sandi said...

Oops. That's Coon #1 is my profile pic. Watching birds out the window in a rare ray of March sunshine.