Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Polishes: Golden Conduct

Sally Hansen Golden Conduct (2 coats)

Man, I really thought Miss Philippines was going to win last night. I know, it sounds weird that I'm a bit disappointed that Miss USA won, but I thought Miss Philippines was more of a natural beauty. Oh well, 2nd place isn't shabby. 

I only have 2 more magnetic polishes to show you, and the first one is Golden Conduct which is a golden bronze shimmer. It it pretty similar to yesterday's polish (Kinetic Copper), but I actually like Kinetic Copper more. This one is ok, but I think it's my least favorite one. 

It's almost Christmas-eek!

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beachgal said...

Liking the magnet effect a lot in these. This shade is just not a fav of mine. There have been a lot of other companies that did a brown magnetic. Brown hides the magnetic particles (that need to be in magnetic polishes to make them work) well. When the brown polish phase hit after the grey/lavenders was so popular, I picked up a # of browns and figure out why I had bronze/rusts in my collection but not true browns. This one is warmer than a most. Still not my fav - I will agree with you on that one. I think I am not a fan of the magnetic now but I still look at the photos of the OPI ones and there is one magnet I really like the design on - but sadly it is not paired with a shade I like the most out of those 3 in the OPI Skyfall magnetics. The wavy line and the diagonal magnets in the OPI ones I like - but I like that pinky Miss MoneyPenny shade! Still not too sure I would wear it a lot. That said, many have said the OPI magnets work best of any they have tried.