Saturday, December 8, 2012

Julep Nail Polish in Morgan

Julep Morgan (2 coats)

Howdy! I had a pretty uneventful Friday night, but we did have our favorite pizza place for dinner. I also happened to have cold pizza for breakfast this morning. Oops! Some people aren't a cold pizza type, but what do you say? 

Yup, here's another Julep polish I've had for 6 months. I believe this came from the June 2012 Maven box, and it's a grape purple frost. The frost isn't terrible or streaky which is a bonus. The formula was just ok due to it being a little thick. I know Morgan is a unisex name, but I always think of Agent Morgan (ok, that's his last name, but you get the point) on Criminal Minds which is one of my favorite shows (my favorite characters being Hotch and Dr. Spencer Reid). 

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