Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zoya Holiday 2012 Ornate Collection: Aurora

Zoya Aurora (2 coats)

I just returned from the Sally clearance sale where I got some of the China Glaze Holiday Joy collection and Bohemian collections for cheap. You should definitely check it out if you get the time. 

Zoya's holiday collection has a new addition-holographic polishes! No, they aren't linear holos like the Layla ones or China Glaze OMG collection, but are the scattered type. Aurora is a medium purple holo that has a strong holographic effect. I think this one is absolutely stunning, and is my favorite of the collection. It looks really chunky, but the particles are smooth and remove easily. You need this one in your life. The formula and application was great as well. 


Sarah said...

This polish is so gorgeous! I can't wait til Zoya's next promo so I can snag it! :)

beachgal said...

Aurora is so amazing (we cannot use amazeballs anymore...heard it was on the list of most overused words of the yr). I still don't know how they did these. I did not buy anything from Zoya all yr (nothing from spring/summer or fall...but when this collection came out and they had the gold leaf I had to order despite the lump in my throat at $30 for the gold leaf - thought - OK it's got 2 other shades with it that I don't need but would be $8 each. I cannot stop looking at this one. I like Blaze too but wish it had the amount of silver holo in it that Aurora has. The Sally's we have was so cleaned out before their sale they had nothing to put on sale but for some of the minis from Orly holiday and a few non nail product. They sold out early of every bottle of ChG holiday and the sale before this one was when they put the Bohemian collection out on sale. It was a big waste of gas getting there and back for me..sad..and I had to look at the empty display for the Cirque collection again too while there!