Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polishes: Electric Emerald

Sally Hansen Electric Emerald (2 coats)

I'm finally doing better! It was a pretty crappy few days, but I'm happy to be back. I hope you're not sick of magnetic polishes because I have some Sally Hansen ones to show. Up first is Electric Emerald which has both medium green and sparkly deep green in the stripes. I really like how the design showed up on the nail, despite the slight streaking I had due to impatience to put topcoat on. I found that all the polishes I have to review applied nicely; the formula was slightly thick, but that's a good thing with magnetic polishes. The magnet isn't the strongest, but it's fine. The one thing I wish Sally Hansen had was different magnet designs. All the polishes have the same magnet on them which gets a little repetitive. The magnet sits on a separate cap and has a cuticle rest so you don't smudge your nail on the magnet. One weird thing I had happen with at least 2 of the polishes was that the magnet fell off the cap and onto my nail! I just put a little nail glue on it and placed it back on and it was good as new. I would shake the cap a couple times before putting it against my nail just to be safe.

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beachgal said...

Usually not a fan of the magnetics...they typically all look dusty and from line to line pretty much the same shade. This looks tons more vivid than any other green I have seen. I like this though agree the magnet pull is not that strong but it's still in the OK range. Hope you have been able to get some good reading done or just veg and watch TV while you have been stuck down with the flu. Feel better. I am so hoping the crude does not hit me. I have to stay well now - surgery is coming up and the next round of chemo starts after that in Jan.