Saturday, December 28, 2013

China Glaze Holiday 2013 HoliGlaze Collection "The Microglitters": All Wrapped Up, Put a Bow On It, and This is Tree-mendous

Woot, it's the weekend! Anyone ramping up for a New Year's Eve party this year? I'm getting some glitter polishes ready to show, so get ready. We never do anything, so I'm getting my sparkling pear juice ready for a nice night in :) Anyway, I have the 3 microglitter polishes from the HoliGlaze collection to show today, and they all needed 3 heavy coats for full coverage. You may be able to use these as a glitter topcoat, but I think these are fine on their own. I'm also happy to report that they aren't too thick, and the glitter doesn't pull away from the ends of the nail. They are a hassle to remove, so the foil removal may be necessary. 

China Glaze All Wrapped Up (3 coats)
All Wrapped Up is a blurple microglitter in a clear base. All of these dry to a semi-matte finish, so topcoat is necessary. 

China Glaze Put a Bow On It (3 coats)
Put a Bow On It is a fuchsia microglitter. Some particles are pink and some are a darker purple, so it adds depth to the polish. I really like this one.

China Glaze This is Tree-mendous (3 coats)
Tree-mendous may be the least unique, but is a classic green and gold microglitter polish. Nothing goes better together than gold and green around the holiday times. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with these polishes. I thought they were going to be sheerer than they are, so I was happy to see they were opaque with 3 coats. Anything more than that, and you're asking for trouble with glitters (glooping up, etc.). 

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