Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ruby White Tips Breaking Bad Collection Swatches: Hell Yeah Science and An Ocean Full of It

Ruby White Tips Hell Yeah Science (2 coats)

Ruby White Tips (3 coats)

*These polishes were purchased at a discount and I only give honest reviews*

Have you heard of Ruby White Tips on Etsy? Well, if not, get on over there to pick up some beautiful polishes such as the ones I'll be showing you today (and in the coming days). Up first is Hell Yeah Science, which, as a scientist, I just had to have even if it were an ugly color (which it isn't). It's a dusty purple plum with a nice scattering of holo glitter thrown in. It's not a full on linear polish, but that's fine with me; it seems like a lot of indie brands are doing that these days. The formula was great and only needed 2 coats for full coverage. It may be slightly thicker than the normal China Glaze or OPI, but that's just something to expect from indie brands due to the bases they have to use. 

The second polish is my love. It's called An Ocean Full of It and is a duochrome of blue and green, just like water. Oh, and in some views, the gold really stands out as well. This one was a little sheerer and needed 3 coats for me, but you could definitely get away with only using 2. Since I've studied oceans and lakes for my research, this one really hit home and made me love it even more. You can find them on their Etsy store, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @rubywhitetips. 

*These polishes were purchased at a discount and I only give honest reviews*

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Karen said...

I love "An Ocean Full of It"!! Very pretty and unique.