Sunday, May 18, 2014

OPI Spring 2014 Spotlight on Glitter Collection Swatch and Review: You Pink Too Much and Color Club Harlem Lights Collection: Baldwin Blues

OPI You Pink Too Much (2 coats) over Color Club Baldwin Blues (2 coats)

So I was actually wanting Blush Hour, but I wasn't completely clear with my husband when he went to the local beauty supply store for me. I said pink glitter, and he was right, You Pink Too Much is definitely a pink glitter. I can't fault him because I still don't have the similar OPI glitter polish called Pink Yet Lavender. You Pink Too Much is a pink hexagonal glitter with lots of holographic microglitter. I used two coats as usual and you can see that it's fairly glitter dense. I also had no issues with application with this one. Apparently this collection isn't original, but I'm happy to have 2 of these since I didn't buy them before. The base color did not come out well in pictures, but this is Color Club's Baldwin Blues from the Harlem Lights collection and is a dusty blue. If you can still find Color Club for cheap, I'd recommend this one. If it's $8, don't bother. 

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