Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nicole by OPI Limited Edition Spring 2014 Roughles Collection Swatches and Reviews

Nicole by OPI I'm Stucco on You (2 coats)

I'm Stucco on You is a lilac purple color with flecks of blue and pink. All formulas were thick in a good way and completely covered in only 2 coats. Drying time isn't too shabby and is definitely less than a half hour. 

Nicole by OPI On What Grounds (2 coats)

On What Grounds is the one that seems to dry with the most satin finish (this picture is of a completely dry polish. Some blogs didn't wait the full time and that's why they look almost gummy, but they aren't if you wait long enough). It's a light blue color leaning turquoise with dark blue and black flecks. Watch out because this one can stain if you don't wear a proper basecoat.

Nicole by OPI Rock the Look (2 coats)

Rock the look is a light pink with dark pink or red and purple/black flecks. 

Nicole by OPI Sand in My Shoe (2 coats)

Sand in my shoe is a light and creamy yellow with red flecks. 

Unfortunately I'm a bit behind on getting my hands on the Nicole by OPI Roughles collection. I looked high and low, and finally found them at a random CVS in a small town a few towns over. It's a 4 piece collection of spring pastels that featured a speckled effect with a textured finish. They retail for $7.99 and you may be able to find them at CVS, Target, or Kmart (perhaps among others). If you happen to find them, better pick them up as they are limited edition. I happen to love every single one of them and was so happy to find them!

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Ailurophile said...

Oooh these look really fun! I especially love the purple!