Friday, May 9, 2014

Sally Hansen Spring Color Vibrations Kaleidescope 2014 Limited Edition Insta Dri Polishes Review and Swatches

Sally Hansen Spring 2014 Insta Dri 

TGIF! The weekend couldn't come any sooner if you ask me. I'm still fighting my illness if you can believe it. I've had so much blood drawn you have no idea, but they still don't know what I have. I've been still swatching away though, being the trouper I am :) Anyway, I have the Sally Hansen Color Vibrations Kaleidescope collection (whew, that's a mouthful) to show you in full. I like the Insta Dri formula, but dislike the bottle shape and brush. The bottle is narrow at the top so I always feel like I'm getting polish on the sides of the top due to the large, tapered brush (which I dislike). Most of the colors of the rainbow are featured in this collection, but surprisingly enough, no red. All polishes only needed 2 coats for full opacity. I used thicker coats which caused a little bubbling, so please make sure to do thin coats and to let the layers dry before starting a new coat. All of these are cremes except for Glow For It which contains yellow microshimmer that you can't see on the nail at all. So we'll go ahead and say these are all cremes. Overall, the formula was great; any issues were user error.

*press samples*

Sally Hansen Dreamsicle (2 coats)

Oh Dreamsicle, how I love thee. It's a bright orange which is reminiscent of the frozen treat. It's been getting warm here lately, so perhaps I'll have to pick some up soon...

Sally Hansen Glow With It (2 coats)

Glow With It is a bright lemony yellow with microshimmer that you shouldn't bother looking for. The formula was great for a yellow.

Sally Hansen Love Train (2 coats)

So everyone seems to want to call anything a little pink and a little purple radiant orchid, so I guess I'll go ahead and call Love Train a radiant orchid pink with lots of purple undertones. 

Sally Hansen Purpelling (2 coats)

Purpelling is a medium purple creme. It's an actual true purple and there's not much blue in there. I like it.

Sally Hansen Revobluetion (2 coats)

Revobluetion (hate the name) is a bright medium blue creme. It's a nice color and I got lots of compliments. 

Sally Hansen In the Groove (2 coats)

And last, but not least we have In the Groove which is a bright grassy green creme. 

As you can see, I use the word bright a lot because it is quite fitting for most of these polishes. I wish there was 1 maybe 2 true shimmer polishes, but that's not a deal breaker. I like the Insta Dri polishes because they are cheaper than their Complete Salon Manicure line. I think a lot of people have found these at Walgreens, but I'd check any drugstore you're in, just in case. You can find more information on what's going on at Sally Hansen on their Facebook or Twitter pages. 

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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Kellie said...

Beautiful colors!!! One thing though....I grew up eating Dreamsicles and as yummy as they were, they weren't bright orange like the polish here...they were a pale creamy orange...I would love to see Sally Hansen do a true Dreamsicle color!!!