Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Orly Dark Shadows 2012 Collection: Buried Alive

Orly Buried Alive (2 coats)

I'm back from Vermont! Actually, I came back early yesterday, but I was too exhausted to blog last night. We attended my husband's cousin's wedding and it was beautiful. The ceremony was outside a vineyard and the reception was in a restored barn. On Sunday the family went to the Shelburne Museum where we saw lots of interesting exhibits (from creepy old dolls, retired circus memorabilia, to original Monet paintings). At the museum we also saw the dark-haired, skinny guy from the Drew Carey show (his name is Diedrick Bader), but we didn't want to bother him. It was a great weekend, and I wish I had more time to spend there. 

The second polish from the Dark Shadows collection is Buried Alive which is a pretty brown shimmer with hints of gold. Out of this whole collection, this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Despite not being a stereotypical summer color, I was happy to rock this a few weeks ago. The application and formula was slightly thick, but overall fine. 


Kimberley said...

I like that color!

Rachel C said...
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Mike Matteson said...

This color is rad.

beachgal said...

Sounds like the wedding trip was a lot of fun. Glad to hear you got out to Shelburne Farms. That's always a fun place to go most any time of the year. Sometime you need to go up again and spend time in my old neck of the woods in South Central VT around the Woodstock area - thou the state is so small, you can plant yourself there and travel around to see most all of it even on a day trip. I felt blessed to have lived in Woodstock as long as I did while I worked over at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchock Med. I did not think I liked this shade - was over the whole brown polish thing and need to pull some of the deep brown/blacks out of my collection that never looked good on me anyway...but now seeing your photos, wish I had dug a bit more in the Sally's sale bin when I hit it right after it went up and found this one to try. I am liking it now - maybe because I have seen a couple of the fall 2012 collections in photos and 'warming up' to fall shades to come. right now, I moved out of clear brights and into last summer's glass fleck collection from Zoya - esp Kimmy - always been gaga for that shade since it's release.