Thursday, July 5, 2012

NailsIT Polish: Companion Cube

NailsIT Companion Cube (3 coats)

Well, I'm off for Vermont tonight. My husband's cousin is getting married so we'll be there for the weekend. No worries, I'll still be able to post a few things while I'm gone. 

Oh, you indie nail polishes make me want to spend all my money on you! The newest addition to my collection is from NailsIT (you can find her blog and polishes here) called Companion Cube. The name comes from the video game Portal (look how close it is to the original cube) and is a grey color with silver hexagonal and square glitter, pink hearts and lots of small holographic glitter. You know how hard it usually is to get those stupid hearts out, well, I was surprised that it wasn't too difficult! I love this polish! Right now I believe NailsIT is currently closed, but will be reopening with a short sale soon. You can purchase her polishes for $8 each. 


Unknown said...

Love the hearts! :)

chichicho said...

The hearts really are a different touch! I like it

beachgal said...

I too could dump a ton of $ on indie polishes! But my latest boycott of heavy glitters has helped. This one slides in there as OK with the glitter because it's got a good cream base. Love the non chalky color of the gray with the pink 'stuff.' It looks good on you. Ah...VT - my 'other' home. Curious where you are going as you did not say - write me and let me know msmorro (at) charter (dot) net. I lived in Woodstock, VT for quite some time and worked down Hwy 4 across the CT River at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Center - then got my PhD there (they paid) as well as taught there too (not 'cause I was hired as a great teacher - more like they could get me cheap as an Assoc Prof and pretty much was required of all the PhD candidates - unless you had the name and the $ to get out of it! But I liked teaching and working there. I really loved my entire time spent in VT.