Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Bliss Is This! Bridal Collection: Flirtation

Jessica Cosmetics Flirtation (2 coats)

Whew, it's Wednesday already? I spent the day extracting DNA from my Cambodian bacteria and attempted to carry too much stuff down stairs and almost took a terrible fall. I ended up breaking 1 tube of DNA, but my ego took the brunt of the fall. 

Wedding season is in full swing (I've been to 2 so many have you been to?) and Jessica Cosmetics released a tiny 3-piece collection of polishes perfect for your wedding day. Flirtation is a beautiful medium pink creme that looks good on almost anyone. It doesn't blow me away, but it's a nice classic color. The best part of Jessica polishes is definitely the application which is smooth and buttery in 2 coats (usually).

*This polish was provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site* 


euzefelus_27 said...

pretty polish,, i would get it jut because of the name.. haha

Deb said...

Love that pink! Glad you didn't hurt yourself on the stairs!

beachgal said...

Pretty pink - not terribly unique - but if you love Jessica or need a new pink that has lots of years use in your collection with a good formula, this would be a good choice. Not been to any weddings this year/season. Seems the 3 folks I know who did tie the knot were not into spending the $ for a big deal. 2 eloped and 1 couple had a small, at home in the backyard wedding. Hope you did not loose a ton of time having to redo your worked up batch of extracted DNA - but best that you did not hurt yourself. I found the old rubber rugs in the lab were what made me trip and fall. They were supposed to help our feet/leg fatigue but I think most of us had major foot problems from standing and walking so many hours on linoleum covered concrete flooring.