Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Awakening Spring 2012 Collection: Flutter

Jessica Cosmetics Flutter (2 coats)

Well, my husband and I have finally given up on True Blood. We've slowly been disappointed with each season and we could hardly even stay awake watching the current season. Despite this, I have become a huge fan of the new show The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels. Have you seen it yet? Weirdly enough, the sister of a girl I was friends with in high school is a producer for the show. I had no clue until the closing credits! 

Flutter is the final polish from the Awakening collection and is a taupe creme with a hint of grey. Again, it's not the most unique color, but if you want a go-to color, Flutter is definitely one to get. I don't, however, really get the name for it. When I hear flutter, I don't think of taupe. Oh well, I'm probably reading into it a bit too much. The formula was just so-so and it felt like it took a long time for this one to dry.

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beachgal said...

Agree - not a unique shade. But when polish companies do this I like to remember there are new polish enthusiasts that come along all the time that don't go right to OPI or another big name line to get what many would call a classic color like this. Also, I will buy a new brand of a similar shade I own IF I know the formula is perfection. I love creams. Kind of go weak in the knees for a really good one! Never did get into/watch True Blood. Not a fan of the genera. Newsroom is pretty good. I am behind and need to catch up. I did watch the first 2 parts of the USA (think it's on that channel) mini series Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver. Liked the first part of the pilot. Now it's starting to break up with OK drama then too much evening soap opera writing. I always get a kick out of White Collar and to lesser ends Royal Pains also on USA. I need to track down the new TNT show with the guy from Will & Grace who plays a neruo-scientist who has schizophrenia but is function and solves mysteries. Funny that you only stumbled on your friend's credits! Wonder if it's the same person or one of those 'like' names things? I thought a lady I knew married to a Hollywood producer was the creator of The Golden Girls. Found out about 6 yrs ago it was not the same person, despite she has continued to write/create in TV/movies.