Monday, July 16, 2012

Indie Brands- Pahlish: Glittoris

Pahlish Glittoris (2 coats) over Jessica Cosmetics Enchante (1 coats)

I spent the day in the field for work today and I got a bit too much sun, despite wearing sunscreen. I just slathered myself in aloe so I should be feeling much better soon. 

I heard good things about the indie brand Pahlish, so I ended up getting a couple polishes a few weekends ago (she usually restocks on Friday evening...check out the Facebook page for more info). Up first we have Glittoris (whoa, name!) which is a pink base with multi-colored glitter (I can see holographic, red, purple, blue and bar glitter). I absolutely adore it, and it reminds me a lot of Jem. Do you remember Jem from the 80s? I have a Jem doll at home whose earrings still flash! That show was amazing. Anyway, I found it was best to dab this on to spread out the glitter. You can snag this polish during the next restock for $9.00. 


Rachel C said...

Wow...unique name...and fun color.

I loved Jem! I recently watched an episode. It was interesting.

PolishPig said...

That polish is on the way home to me right now - and I'll have to admit I bought it just for the name! Who can resist a name like that? :-)

beachgal said...

I can appreciate and like these glitters from afar...but my glitter stash is way too big now and I don't wear what I have hardly at all anymore - I got fed up with trying to get them off as well as found I got really tired of looking at glitter much faster than my mani-pedis last. The colors in this one remind me of Candeo Orchid. Looks good over this shade of Jessica.