Saturday, July 28, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games 2012 Collection: Harvest Moon

China Glaze Harvest Moon (2 coats)

Who's watching the Olympics? This girl definitely is! I've been watching MSNBC because they often have some of the things they often don't show on regular NBC. Just this morning I was watching archery and it was so awesome (USA beat S. Korea). 

Continuing on with the Hunger Games collection is Harvest Moon which is a metallic copper shimmer that really glows. I will definitely be wearing this one during the fall, which is a bit strange that this was a spring collection. The formula was a little thin and only needed 2 coats. I'd definitely recommend this shade from the collection if you don't have it. 

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beachgal said...

Yeap. The coverage is pretty amazing for the Olympics. I have this live stream feed for a ton of stuff that is not on the TV that NBC is filming and putting to computer live feed. I think it's only for folks who have cable that signed up for this as I have to log in with a verification for my cable service...and where I live if you don't have cable you have zippo TV period - always has been that way even when folks in city areas never had cable or knew others outside of the city had to have it to get reception! I did pick up this shade too from the HG and only swatched it to paper. I need to think in a couple months about getting this one out. It reminds me of an older OPI that I wore a ton in the fall always called Opus in Amber from a 'musical' themed old holiday collection only this CG is a bit less frosty and more glass fleck.