Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Awakening Spring 2012 Collection: Wing It

Jessica Cosmetics Wing It (2 coats)

Why hello there Wing It! Aren't you the odd polish out for the collection? Here we have 5 extremely neutral/muted shades, and then we end up with you. That's ok, I love it! Wing It is an orange/coral shimmer that leans toward a frost. It's not too frosty because I didn't really have any brushstroke problems, but it still has that frosty feeling. The formula was a little thick, but nothing too annoying. What do you think of Wing It?

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beachgal said...

Not too sure about this one for me because of the tad of frosty to it. I lived through so many yrs of frost was IT. Did not like them then and it's my least fav finish now. This shade is looking more to me like a fall shade vs. spring collection one. I am sure I have had a polish similar to this one - esp in the early OPI days when it was sooo hard for them to make a shimmer. You could not always tell their early shimmers from some of their frosts and had to be sure to check their display info as they marked frosts with F and simmers with S.