Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orly Dark Shadows Collection: Mysterious Curse

Orly Orly Mysterious Curse (2 coats)

Orly Royal Velvet (2 coats)

Well well well. It appears as though I have a dupe on my hands. I hate when companies rerelease polishes with a different name to get more money (I'm looking at you OPI...with your "Ulta exclusive" colors). Orly already came out with this blue/purple color with blue shimmer last year called Royal Velvet. Can you see much of a difference between Royal Velvet and Mysterious Curse? No? Me either. Oh well, live and learn. Good thing I only paid $2 for it. 

I didn't see Dark Shadows when it was released. Was it any good? 


beachgal said...

I had been kind of lemming Orly Royal Ropes and then heard this was a dupe for it. This Mysterious Curse is one I picked up at Sally's in the 50% off the sale price also. I have not worn mine yet - kind of dark for right now. Boy - seems like not only the movie but the Orly polish line tie in bombed - talking about the movie 'Dark Shadows.' And it does seem like there are a ton of re-labeling of shades going on...OPI by far being the worst culprit between Ulta Exclusives, Nicole by OPI also has been turning up with some identical shades to reg. OPI releases as well too, esp with their exclusive to Target and/or Walmart line releases it seems.

Sheena said...

Oh, your photos came out so much better than mine. My camera doesn't like shimmer, though. I still love the color.

I saw Dark Shadows on opening night, unfortunately. I thought it was a waste of $7.50. My roommate, who watched the original series, enjoyed it but said it could have been better.

The Lacquered Lady said...

Dark Shadows was terrible. Just really really bad, which is a shame really. I picked this up when it first came out and didn't have any dupes, but I really do love the color

Shelby's Swatches said...

I need to have this color in my life! haha