Sunday, January 13, 2013

China Glaze Holiday 2013 Holiday Joy Collection: Merry Berry

China Glaze Merry Berry (2 coats)

It's (mostly) official! We close on our house next Friday! This week and next week are going to be very crazy, so posting may be sporadic. I hope you can understand!

Merry Berry is a berry red color that just isn't my favorite. It's not that unique and I don't like how it looks on my nails. The formula was also quite watery and I did a terrible job applying it. Pass! 


beachgal said...

This is a really good shade - I almost bought it as it looked like 'one of those' that ChG makes that just is a dream cream formula...but I talked myself away from it thinking I was sure I had something close in my stash from OPI. I wore a ton of shades like this chronically in 2002-03 as I recall...OPI Kenniebunk-port was one of a few go to shades..but I think this one is a tish lighter than any I have - see?? I still think I need it! Glad you have a close date - hopefully the place is left clean so you don't need to spend days and days doing deep scrubbing/cleaning.

cupper82 said...

Hi beachgal, the house has been empty for months so it should be minimal cleaning. I can't wait to move in! I hope all is well with you and you're feeling well! Keep me posted.

beachgal said...

Good to know it's been empty - so what you saw is what you will get! I had to have a cleaning crew come help me at one place when the old tenets moved out and it was left a mess. Was told long ago by a savvy realtor to always put in the agreement all the 'crap' has to be - no old tires and stuff left behind. So keep that in mind to pass on to others - hopefully this is you home for yrs and yrs to come and you won't need to deal with all the escrow stuff anytime soon...hope there is a good hardware store close by to the new's always something you are running for those first # of month.