Friday, January 18, 2013

Julep December It Girl Maven Box: Vivien

Julep Vivien (3 coats) over Essence Prismatic White (1 coat)

Happy 3 day weekend! We were supposed to move this weekend, but the closing on our house got moved again and will likely be next Friday. Grr, buying a house is so annoying!

I ended up wearing Julep's Vivien on Christmas Eve. (I wore a red on Christmas Day). I thought it was going to need some underwear so I put it over a coat of Essence Prismatic White (they called these full coverage glitters, but I am always dubious). I've seen a few photos of this and it does indeed get opaque on its own. Oops. It's a champagne color with small and larger hexagonal glitter pieces. I like the use of different glitter sizes, but this one wasn't my favorite from the box. I would have liked this one more if they would have added another glitter color to this one. 

Have a great weekend! Any of you going to the LA IMATS this weekend? 


beachgal said...

I like glitters that are not full coverage so I can see the base color and also not be so blinged out - but this one leaves me flat. I agree, it needs another something - shape/color with it. All in all I think Julep has really fallen downhill of late from what I am seeing - many are not too happy that they no longer have JUST polish but are pushing a lot of other products in their box too. Maybe with the new house you can live without this subscription - or maybe you can put it on hold for a time to think about if you really want your $ going here or have it to spend on a really cool found in retail brand shade you covet. That said I do love a few Juleps I have seen - there were some in the 4th of July range time that I really thought were fun. But now there are other places selling Julep so it's not all about the subscription. If QVC was not so darn expensive to order and then return if you need to, I would pick up more there - I see they are expanding their polish options of late - they had Julep as of spring last yr. Sorry your house is closing later...happens - often stuff gets delayed like inspections that reveal this or that and you do want it all done right. I found I had a lot of lag time in waiting for the review of the reviews once some repair was done. Right now where I live I would love if it was sold and they HAD to upgrade the plumbing and electrical which are sooooo dismal - but then if it was sold my rent would double I am sure. My place takes a ton of TLC to keep things going and I do most of it myself so as not to bother the owner who is just not interested in the place anymore at all. But I can hear the seals on the beach each night, the surf crashing on the beach - the fog horns blowing at the entrance to the bay. The house sits on a street no one needs to drive down but the few who live here - and my house sits at the back of a double deep lot so it's not on the street which affords a ton more privacy despite it is in a neighborhood, yet still next to me is a vacant lot as is 10 acres of open space behind me - so for beach (almost front) property it's pretty great.

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