Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2013 It's a Girl Thing Collection: Alia

Jessica Cosmetics Alia (2 coats)

Hi guys, I'm going to have a quick post tonight. Jessica Cosmetics Alia is a bright orange shimmer that is slightly less vibrant in real life compared to my pictures. I love orange polishes, mostly due to the fact that both of the schools I attended had orange (first Bowling Green State University in Ohio and The University of Tennessee...sure, a different kind of orange, but still). Unfortunately the school I work at now does not have orange :-( I digress. I love this color, and it may be my favorite of the collection. The only downfall of it was the application which was a bit thick and caused some dragging and pooling on the nail.

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beachgal said...

Now this is a pretty shade. But it's sure not unique to my stash at all. I am trying really hard now not to let myself be pulled toward shades that I have something like it unless I can be sure I will improve on a formula that I have in the same shade. I so want to get going on a major re-do of my stash - sorting, coming up with some system so I can find things better, purging, selling off, gifting, donating the dupes that I don't need (why did I ever buy 2nd bottles of some of these things???). That said, I love this shade. If I did not have ones like it I would fall head over heals for seeing this one on my fingers and toes!