Monday, January 7, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2013 It's a Girl Thing Collection: Amira

Jessica Cosmetics Amira (2 coats)

Ah, yes, Monday strikes again. Why must weekends fly by so quickly? Today was a busy one at work (aren't Monday's usually the worst?) and I almost forgot to blog before heading home. How could I forget to post when I was going to show Jessica Cosmetics Amira today? I'll let you in on a little secret: I've been in a pink mood lately. I know, most bloggers will shy away from pinks for being too boring, but I love pinks. Amira is a bright pink with a subtle hint of shimmer that I find gorgeous and appropriate for a spring collection. I was also impressed with the overall opacity and formula of this one as well. 

Oh, just to prove how much I've been loving pinks, I bought my three Zoya's for $10 last night and almost ordered 2 pinks. I stopped myself because I think I should have more variety to show, but I really wanted 2. If you want in on this Zoya special, just add the code ZOYA2013 at checkout for this great buy.

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Rachel C said...

Oh! What Zoya did you end up getting? I ordered mine this morning.

cupper82 said...

Rachel, I got Natty, Happi and Faye. I liked your choices, too!

beachgal said...

I totally blew it - I finally did hear about the Zoya deal 3 for $10 before it ended and I did nothing about it and pouf it was over. Oh well...least I heard about this one during the time it was on! I like this Jessica shade. I am sure I have something really similar from either or both OPI and/or China Glaze. I went through a big bright pink period. I do like that this yr we are again showing lots of color - seems everything is in from pastels to brights and even OK to wear my holiday greens other than holiday and St. Patty's day - not sure I will - but I do have a couple that I never got to over holiday that are screening at me to wear them. This Amira is a shade that anyone would wear 5 yrs out - a good investment polish. I have Zoya Faye also..I was taken in by all the purples with gold that seemed to keep reappearing in slight variations of the same thing like Faye and I love all of 'em. I also have Happi - like that entire part of the collection it's from. I looked and looked at Natty when it shows up in so is a shade I love, but I kept thinking when I did my one Zoya small order when the Ornate collection came out, that I was sure I had similar shades to Natty...but I still want it! Is that not so typical of a polish hound???