Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ulta Nail Polish: Maine Attraction

Ulta Maine Attraction (2 coats)

Never buy a house. At this point, that's all I can really say. 

I picked up Ulta's Maine Attraction during their 3 for $6 sale so I got a great deal on it. It's a medium teal blue color that is quite attractive. Oh, and the name is just darling! I had no problems with application, which is surprising since I had a little bit of bubbling if you look closely. Maybe my room was extra drafty that night.  Overall, nice color for a nice price tag. 

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beachgal said...

Pretty shade. Always surprises me with how many teals there are and when I look at mine side by side they are all very different. Never can get over how I love cream teals but not one other finish in teals looks right on me. The new house will be fab when you do get moved in and know where things are. Then it will seem as if you guys made a goof as everything starts to nickle and dime you to the repair companies and the DIY hardware stores stuff. Forget mini vacas - they all go into the house in $ and time. Then by yr 2 or 3 it all starts to fall into place. Do agree - trying to close can be hell. Only one I had go perfect was selling a condo that was joint owned. Buyer paid for all in cash up front - went like buying a car- pretty much done in a few days. The 2 others ugh - chronic on both ends buying and selling. Still nice not to be tossing that $ to rent only like I am doing now and not even there to live in it as now am tucked into rented studio doing last of pre surg testing/MD rounds. Superbowl Sunday to relax and then Monday surg. Hope they give me an early AM time to be there so I don't have to hang and think about it 'till 9 before I get in a cab to go there! Maybe I will feel up to trying to see if my one trip to Ulta ever was just a bad day/week for the store.