Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2013 It's a Girl Thing Collection: Nadia

Jessica Cosmetics Nadia (2 coats)

Why must Jessica Cosmetics include a frost with every collection? I guess there must be a market out there for it, but it's not for me. It's also disappointing because I know a Nadia and she is a doll, and I want to like this polish for that fact. But I can't because it is just too frosty. The formula also has much to be desired since it was quite thick. Oh well, we can't always like every polish in a collection. 

Overall, this collection is a win (besides Nadia). I really wish Jessica Cosmetics polishes were easier to get a hold of, but your best bet is to buy them straight from their website.

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beachgal said...

I know there are folks who like frosts but it's sure not me. I have not ever really liked them. I can remember 'back when' it was frost or cream and you only wore frost unless you were a grandma! I think that was the only time I liked wearing frosts. I always associate frosts with ick formulas too - chip easy and all that. This shade is pretty but I would put a topper on it probably trying to change down the frost. Your photos of this one don't show it as a super frost like I think of the blue in the OPI Skyfall collection having for it's finish. So maybe it's borderline? I was pretty shocked to see the 3 of 6 new Zoyas looking like frost to me as well. Not only do I not think I am going to wear those, I don't really (yet) get the pastel thing either. The people who call these fashion trends say pastels will be big. I think it's just a rebound of how different can we get from last yrs brights/neons - we need to push the folks into the opposite direction so what they had last yr and embraced is going to look dated this yr and that will drive retail into selling more. For me, I think when fashion does this, I balk and start to reach for classics. Right now, I am not feeling any of the new polishes at all - literally - I don't like the textures, not sure I want to wear my holiday greens just 'cause it's a green yr, not feeling like I want to wear pastels, it's finally cold and winter here so I want to wear my fall shades I never got to wear and some dark charcoals and such. Will see when the yr moves along - I might be on the pastel thing when it warms up - but I doubt I would buy any pastels...I need to shop my stash...I am sure I have enough to get me through a passing trend trial period! Right now, trying to figure out what 3 polishes I will take with me to get me through the 4-6 weeks I have to be gone from home for medical...last surgery this hospital did not take off the polish I had on like some I will go into surg with a good mani/pedi so when I feel really sore and crappie post op I can look down and admire my pretty nails and toes...I won't be able to reach my toes for awhile post op anyway so I better make sure I have a shade on I really love - and oh, that won't be a frost!!