Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sinful Colors: Dancing Nails

Sinful Colors Dancing Nails (2 coats)

Great news everyone, my scientific poster won first prize at a conference today! Since I am working in a completely new field, it was great validation that I know what I'm doing (sort of). In bad news, our house closing may be pushed back even longer. I have been so soured on the entire house buying process and it's sad because it's supposed to be such a great thing. Oh well. 

I've had Dancing Nails to show for such a long time. When I hear Dancing Nails, I immediately think of the show Bones where she says dancing phalanges to a baby over and over. Don't remember it? Well, here it is in video form: 

Anyway, it's a rose metallic color that I think looks really nice with my skintone. It may not be the most unique color ever, but that doesn't stop it from being a really nice staple. I had no complaints in terms of formula and application either. You can find Sinful Colors at your local Walgreens, Target or Rite Aid store for around $2. 


lovenailpolish said...

That is really super pretty on you. I think I may have a sinful called tapping nails now that I think of it, but I am not sure because the label is missing. Closing on a house is hellish, but worth the pain, hang in there! Mine took 4 months from offer to close. Man that was awful! I hope yours goes smoothly from here on out!

Jackie M said...

super cute color! ill be on the look out next time im at walgreens!

beachgal said...

Oh this is really a pretty shade - looks great on you. I so wish our Rite Aide and/or Walgreens had a decent selection of Sinful - they carry very few and what is there are always picked over and they never get in the new collections but for a really rare one maybe 1 or 2 per yr. Odd as you would think the chain stores all would get the same stuff. Soooo sorry your close date is moved back again. It's going to end up being good when it's done and you get in however. You want everything done with all the T's crossed and I's dotted. Not worth getting caught having to do anything yourselves after the docs are all signed and keys in hand.