Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2012 It's a Girl Thing Collection: Ava

Jessica Cosmetics Ava (2 coats)

Hi guys, how are doing? Not much new is going on here besides packing and running some errands. 

Ava looks a little bit like Sophia, but it's more of a true lilac color with blue/purple shimmer. Yup, your typical pastel spring color! Again, the shimmer is difficult to see in this one, but it's there. The formula was a bit thick, but nothing unmanageable. I like it, despite it not being too unique.

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Enigmatic Rambles said...

I quite like that colour :)

beachgal said...

This one is gorg. But I think I have a shade from one of the early in the yr 2012 or maybe 2011 China Glaze collections that is super close. It also reminds me of a couple of OPI shades too (which I don't own). This color has wear me written all over it! Wear it on your toes this summer and I bet it will make you smile big time when you look down at 'em!